Custom Mug Designs for a Boxing Club

If you're in charge of a boxing club, you want to have a variety of promotional products that you can give out or even sell as a way to raise funds for the organization. Coffee mugs are always a good choice for several reasons. Most adults can benefit from this type of product, and custom mugs are inexpensive to produce. To represent your boxing club, there are many different directions that you can take with your mug design — ranging from conventional to eye-catching. Here are some choices for you to consider.

Standard Information

There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking a standard approach to the design of your custom mugs for your boxing club. Choosing a black or white mug and having the name and logo of the club displayed on the side of the mug can be a good design. It's simple, but it can accurately reflect the simplicity of your club. Many boxing clubs take a no-frills approach to their facilities, so a no-frills custom mug design can often feel apropos. You'll also want to include your club's website address on the mug, as well as consider adding your social media links, too.

Boxing Quotes

There are many outstanding boxing-related quotes from throughout history, including those that famous boxers have said and those that were said in boxing movies. If you have a few favorite quotes, one option is to base your design around these words. You can choose one specific quote and place it on the mug, or you can go take a couple of quotes and place one on each side of the custom design. If you can't narrow your choices down, a simple idea is to work with a graphic designer to produce a collage of quotes that can cover the mug.

Boxing Glove

If your custom mug company can offer you some creative designs, one option is to get the custom mug to look like a boxing glove. For example, the body of the mug can appear red to represent the glove, while the handle can appear white or off-white to represent the cuff and laces of the glove. The red glove portion, of course, should have some gentle lines to give the red a three-dimensional appearance, thus helping it to look more like a boxing glove. You may still want to include your club's logo. In this design, it can work well on the back of the glove.