Caring For Your Personal Safety Apparel

The use of reflective personal safety apparel can be essential in order to minimize the chances of injured individuals on a project site. However, this type of gear will need some special care considerations in order to keep it as visible as possible. For more information, contact a reflective personal safety apparel retailer.

Regularly Wash The Reflective Personal Safety Apparel

Regularly cleaning the reflective apparel will be an important step for keeping it effective. Over time, dust and other materials can gather on the reflective material, which can result in it being far less visible. Washing this apparel will remove these substances so that the reflective material will remain effective. When you are washing the apparel, you will need to avoid using bleach and fabric softeners as both of these substances can rapidly break down the reflective material. Instead, you should wash this apparel with a gentle detergent.

Avoid Exposing The Reflective Apparel To Intense Heat

Intense heat can be another source of degradation for reflective safety garments. The heat can cause these materials to rapidly lose their reflectivity, which can make them far less effective when they are being worn in the field by your workers. As a result, you will need to be sure to only wash these items in cold water and to air dry them. Air drying will allow these garments to dry while avoiding the intense heat that a dryer will generate. Using fans or other devices to circulate air over these garments can be an option for safely speeding up the drying process so that these safety garments will be ready for use. Unfortunately, using a dryer a few times for these garments can be enough to degrade them, and this will make the wait from air drying them worth enduring in order to avoid frequently investing in replacement personal safety garments.

Replace Any Reflective Apparel That Has Become Excessively Worn

Regardless of taking good care of these garments, they will still gradually break down, and this can lead to them losing their reflectivity. Once this has started to occur with your garments, you should replace them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may not be as easily seen on the project site, which can significantly increase your chances of being involved in an accident. Thoroughly inspecting the reflective material on these garments prior to using them will help you to track the wear that they have suffered. This way, you can replace them as soon as the time arrives.